Toby Li Registered Acupuncturist / Public Educator - TCM and Health

Toby’s passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) started from year 2002 when her mother was completely cured by TCM for a severe case of Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy, a condition where the spinal cord is compressed in the neck. After being kept in her bed for over a year, she was referred for surgery. After visiting the hospital many times, Toby's mother learned that many of the patients were experiencing general paralysis after the surgery, and so she refused to have the procedure. Instead, she decided to try an alternative approach with TCM which ultimately turned out to be a great decision as this led to her complete recovery.

After seeing the incredible results her mother experienced, Toby decided to take her mother’s advice and try TCM treatments for her own severe acne, which she had been suffering with for more than a decade at that time. After only three months of Chinese herb and Acupuncture treatments, the acne was cleared.

Since then, Toby's whole family have immersed themselves into the study of TCM. Toby decided to attend the Canadian Education Center of Beijing University of TCM - Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACATCM) and upon graduation, she successfully gained her TCM licenses in both Alberta and BC. She then continued to study and practice in China for another 4 years, during which time she had the honor of following several different well known mentors from hospital to hospital to accumulate more experience in a variety of medical areas. Some of these Doctors and focused areas include:

²  Followed Dr. Canruo Sheng and Dr. Xu Wu in Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of TCM for intensive study of acupuncture
²  Followed Dr. Zhaoqin Ma in Jinan Hospital of TCM for intensive study of moxibustion in treatment for various difficult diseases
²  Followed Dr. Su Lu in Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of TCM in Postnatal Recovery and treatment for Women Specific Health Problems
²  Followed Dr. Chao Bao in Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of TCM in treatment for Autism, ADHD, and CP
²  Followed Dr. Lixiang Ruan in Cheers Acupuncture and Herbs in Calgary, AB for intensive study of herbology for 3 years

In 2013, TCM and Acupuncture became a regulated health profession in the province of Ontario, and Toby now holds this license which allows her to practice as a Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac) in Ontario and her services are covered by most of the extended insurance plans.

Toby practices with a noticeable passion for her work and she is committed to helping people achieve their wellness goals and find relief from several conditions using natural alternatives to medication. She feels blessed to see her patients improving and feeling better after each treatment, and this furthers her commitment to her profession. In her spare time, Toby enjoys being outdoors whether biking, hiking or bird watching. She also enjoys Tai Chi and good food!


CranioSacral  Therapy is a gentle treatment  manipulating muscles,and facial bones.Once facial bones are realigned sinuses are no longer pressed by bone thus creating relief !

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