Saturday, May 8, 2010

What are Chinese Herbs Used for?

In Chinese Medicine, herbal formulas are the key to effective herbal therapy. Most of the formulas were developed in the past 1000 years and each one is a mixture of a number of herbs tailored to a certain illness or condition.

A typical formula contains a couple of major herbs (these groupings are called King herbs) that target major illnesses Within each formula a few herbs are included to act as catalysts, and some others play a role in neutralizing side-effects caused by certain herbs. Therefore, Chinese herbal therapy is always considered as a "concert effect."

For thousands of years, there have been hundreds of herb formulas developed and documented. Most of these were initially named either by their king herbs' names or by their functions. These formulas have been refined with time and widely used in practice.

In modern China, herbal medicine is both taught as well as practiced alongside Western medicine. All of the major hospitals have Western and traditional Chinese medicine departments, and patients are often referred from one department to another. This has proven to be an extremely successful approach with remarkable results achieved in such areas as cancer care, recovery from stroke, arthritis, skin diseases, heart disease, chronic degenerative diseases, post operative care, and more. It is a time-tested therapy that can successfully treat a wide range of health conditions.