Saturday, May 8, 2010

Scar Tissue Work

Women whom have gone through mastectomy surgeries often experience reduced range of motion of the shoulder joint due to the scar tissue that forms in the healing process. Usually in surgery lymph nodes may be removed as well. Restricting scar tissue along with the absence of lymph nodes cause lymph edema to collect in the arm or other areas of the body and have no place to drain to. Therapists will use a number of modalities such as breast massage with scar tissue work and lymphatic drainage to help reduce the severity of the scar and swelling from edema.

Lumpectomy surgeries leave a less drastic effect but still cause a lot of women to feel uncomfortable with their bodies because of the scar that is left behind. For patients who have undergone lumpectomy surgeries, the shape and contour of the breast will begin to normalize after a series of treatments.

What happens during a breast massage treatment?

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