Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Couples Massage

What can be better than sharing some silent downtime with your partner, friends or family? A couples massage can be a gentle introduction to massage therapy for any person who has never had a massage before.

We tailor each massage to the specific needs of each individual. Please feel free to communicate with your therapist about the amount of pressure you would like and any other preferences you may have to maximize your experience.

The couples massage is also known as "side by side massage", "massage for two", and "tables for two".

We have happily served many husband and wife, boyfriend-girlfriend and same-sex couples. But couples massage is not just for couples! We often do couples massages for mother-daughters, father-sons, mother and baby, friends and siblings. Anyone can get a couples massage!

Massage for Two

30min ... $120
45min ... $160
60min ... $200
90min ... $280

Call to book a couples massage today: 416-927-1234

couples massage