Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tuina Workshop

(10 type A CEUs for RMTs)

This is a 4 days intensive class focus on hands on techniques. We will learn a total of 13 tuina manipulation techniques & their variations. Some pressure points within the the classic 12 Chinese myofascial meridian. We will also learn indications, precautions and contraindications of each techniques.

Class Location
130 Cumberland St. 3rd Fl. Toronto, On M5R 1A6

Jun Xiao, RMT | 416-939-8888 | jun@tuina.ca
David Liu, PhD. CMD Ac | 416-561-3398 | david@tuina.ca

Training Fee
$600 (in canadian dollars, including tax)

Course Schedule
Workshop starts every Monday 9AM-2PM for a total of 4 Mondays. Emai us for class starting date.

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